Tired of the rat race? Interested in investing, but have no idea where to start?

This book is an informative guide and exactly what you’ve been looking for! You’ll discover the step-by-step process of how a complete beginner to property investing started and now generates over 10% return on investment per year – and that’s only the cash flow!

This book is perfect:

  • For anyone who has an interest in real estate investing
  • For someone who might have some savings and is looking at property to grow wealth
  • For busy professionals or people working long hours looking for a book that offers the basics, in plain English
  • As a gift to introduce someone to the potential of property investments

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About the Author

Andy Wen is an author and investor. He has been investing over the past two decades and continues to invest, in both real estate and the stock market. He purchased his first property fresh out of university as part of his retirement plan and has long-term stock market holdings that perform well.

Having been through several market corrections and crashes, Andy believes in crafting wealth from diverse sources. He wants to educate people on the inherent risks associated with being wholly dependent on a job for income, regardless of job satisfaction.

Andy knows that everyone can reach their financial goals. He aims to keep investing super simple and preaches straightforward but effective investment strategies.

Property Checklist

I have a free checklist available to help you with your first property investment. My FREE Property Checklist will outline what you need to do and have in place to start investing as a beginner. Visit my opt-in form via the button below and let's get connected.


What readers are saying:



Audible Customer

Good advice. Clear practical examples of his experience, a good guide of where to start researching.



Amazon Customer

The author was honest to share a different experience which is not all that rosy but was able to learn from it and then shared it with us in this book. Great book for beginners .

Zakiya Sparkes

Zakiya Sparkes

Goodreads User

A quick read with very useful information. I especially enjoyed this book as it was based in the UK. The book world of investing swims heavily on the US market side. It was refreshing to read something relatable to my own situation. The writer is very witty, you will enjoy.

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