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uk property investment for complete beginners

I like this book. They broke it down so I could understand and left me feeling motivated to take on real estate. - Amazon Customer

start from strength

Start from Strength is a quick no-frills read written to the average person. - Lynn, Goodreads Reviewer

Overall - a great starter book for property investors and even agents who work with investors. - Leigh M. Netgalley Reviewer

About Me

Andy Wen is an author and investor. He has been investing over the past two decades and continues to invest, in both real estate and the stock market. He purchased his first property fresh out of university as part of his retirement plan and has long-term stock market holdings that perform well.

Having been through several market corrections and crashes, Andy believes in crafting wealth from diverse sources. He wants to educate people on the inherent risks associated with being wholly dependent on a job for income, regardless of job satisfaction.

Andy knows that everyone can reach their financial goals. He aims to keep investing super simple and preaches straightforward but effective investment strategies.

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